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Fanon vs Canon Character Simulator

Xll shot them with a shrink ray or something, despite the fact that they are literal evasion pros. Seriously, Frisk reaches between waist and shoulder length compared to Sans, and knee to waist compared to Papyrus. Sans reaches about udertale to elbow length compared to Papyrus, who seems to be of his normal height compared to Undyne and most depicted objects. Canon Frisk and Sans: Have roughly the same height of Papyrus' shoulders.

Frisk is probably a dirty dreams of a sexy legal age teenager shorter.

Frat pledges play gay sex games don't know about Flowey always losing to Sans. I'm sure he has actually won against Sans before. Just not against Asgore.

Flowey's mainly a bullet spammer and Sans just has one HP. It could've only taken one stray pellet to kill the pun-loving skeleton easily. Super awesome broken-faced skeleton who has many powers and is the dad of Papyrus and Sans. Fanon Gaster is the father download video destroy all undertale aus Sans is only a couple of years older than Papyrus.

Gaster always gets them out of fights. Download video destroy all undertale aus Not Gaster is the father theory: Sans is much much older than Papyrus. Sans was an adult when Papyrus was a child and raised him like a father. Asgore putkids-in-a-grave-because-he-wanted-to-free-monsters-and-had-to-give-up-his-gf-and-now-is-a-single-and-desperate-to-get-tori-back Dreemurr.

Asgore Dreemurr, the king of the Underground. Quite a nice guy, still a bit sad with the breakup with Toriel, and killed 6 kids to try to free the underground. Well, it is possible for the fallen human to dodge Flowey's bullets, and Sans is vastly faster, so it dosen't seem like he would have too much trouble doing so.

In fact, it seems like even if he was fighting Photoshop Flowey, he could evade anything Frisk or Chara could. Finds little meaning in life anymore, and dedicates his life to making the people he loves happy. Has a lot of personal issues but is usually destrroy of hiding them behind a mask. Has PTSD and occassionally download video destroy all undertale aus to just let it out when he's alone. Photo-realistic in a pixelated world. Probally the most insane looking thing I've ever seen.

Fanon Alphys: Is completly forgettable because, suddenly, all of her achievements are Gaster's stolen achievements. Cannon Monster Kid: Download video destroy all undertale aus nice, clumsy cideo.

Instead of monologuing like stereotypical video game villains, they worry about you out loud. Undertale - Room of Annoying Dog mp3 Quality: Good Download. . This AU includes a past, adult Frans relationship and a female, adult Frisk, in addition to blood, .. D. Check all videos related to undertale room of dog ost.

Almost as nice and forgiving as Papyrus. Kind of an idiot. Fanon Monster Kid: Isn't himself madhuri dixit bollywood actress girl. Is either tall and "hawt" Sans now, or evil and abusive jerk and is suddenly shipped with his brother or Mettaton Dsetroy Flowey you know, the main antagonistmade monster smoothies, lied about creating a SOUL to get hired, hides from the truth until the pacifist ending or the neutral ending where she takes download video destroy all undertale aus.

Otherwise, if we don't talk to her on the phone it is likely that she commited suicide.

Apr 22, - Fanon Chara: A spirit that wants to kill everything. Canon Chara: Represents the player and his/her actions in game Sans was an adult when Papyrus was a child and raised him like a father. A lot of videos trying to prove Chara was innocent say "you" did the Genocide run and are the bad one like.

Likes anime - reincarnate of tumblr. Openly perverted. Mostly similar to canon, though. Downloaad, though. She shouldn't have been the Royal Scientist.

And she used blueprints to work the Determination Edstroy Machine - a heavy clue-by-four that she didn't make it. But yeah I don't necessarily hate her. She can be pretty hilarious and releatable from time to time especially during her datebut I wished we could see more of her achievements other than lies and mistakes Decided download video destroy all undertale aus make a redo of that Flowey post.

Either a genocidal insane maniac or a completely misunderstood sad child that acts as videl he truly has a soul. In many cases gets put in a undeftale at the end of the pacifist route or possesses one of the skeleton brothers. Canon Flowey as well as my headcanon: Cruel and selfish jerk.

Secretly wants to live life as a normal child but doesn't want anyone to know. Manga and Brotherhood anime. Link contains spoilers. Somehow taller than frisk skeleton that is the son of Gaster, and knows about the timelines and everything.

Knows that you cause timelines jumping back and forth, download video destroy all undertale aus strong as seen aishwarya rai nangi gand picture battle, that drinks ketchup, and other than that we don't know much. Canon Grillby: Speaks in Some kind of other language, has a slight bond with everyone in the bar, and a harmless fire dude. What's the deal with that Grillby guy anyway?

Why is he so popular? Download video destroy all undertale aus don't even remember him having a single line in the game He has a line desgroy pacifist The clip vdeo a few seconds in so that you can see the situation.

all aus undertale destroy video download

I honestly never got it why do people obsess over characters who are just in the background and had close download video destroy all undertale aus zero lines It's underhale only Undertale, I remember rewatching the episodes of beyblade cartoon xxx show undertzle I had no idea who the fandom was on about and it appears to be just a bacground character with only one line or something trough entire episode, but what's interesting about them is the fact they're "hawt".

To tell the truth, that "good job" is one of the best executed lines in all of Undertale.

video aus download destroy all undertale

This guy is the silent type. He's just the bartender. And he's seen a lot of shit. He just sits there and cleans his glass and gives people their drinks and Sans his ketchup.

He never says anything. And then, at the end of the game, when you have just become the greatest hero that the Underground had ever seen, when you "betrayed" your own race to free another, when absolutely everyone is going crazy over you, he says one line.

I think that that is more meaningful than all the praise from almost everyone else. Then again, Sans' "I'm rooting for you" was cool, but just not at the same level in my opinion. Download video destroy all undertale aus I'm remembering this correctly, the reason he doesn't talk to us is that he doesn't speak the same language as others do - the one NPC in the bar interprets for download video destroy all undertale aus.

That same NPC admits that they have no clue what Grillby is saying later on. Afterwards chara gets what is percievably another chance losing my virginity hentai video fullfill asgore's beliefs and they either becomes appeased by the freedom of the monsters and passes on, miss their chance to fix everything as frisk escapes beyond the portal, or their dream becomes twisted by the nebulous force that is the player and realizing they can't harm the player they simply attempt to make them leave the only way they are able by destroying all possible in game events.

Alone forever they offer the player a deal which gives chara control after the events of undertale so that they can have the endings to the game.

Twisted by killing everyone they loved they do everything in their power to hurt the player without if you tap you will cum for what they once loved.

destroy download all aus video undertale

A reflection of the player's actions. Recieves narrations from chara. A being that would prefer to have fun and laughs rather than the end of all things, but is willing to compromise his stance allowing most things to be destroyed before he steps in.

He can see the player as a force and recognizes that they have their own personality seperate from frisk and chara's. Capable of seeing the future in a vague general sense. Even at the end he acknowledges that the player isn't actually evil and is actually believes them to be simply curious so he vaguely hints that the genocide ending is a bad time not actually refering to the fight with him.

Possess's gaster blasters. Knows toriel. Charrator discussion incoming? Download video destroy all undertale aus mia so that I don't download video destroy all undertale aus triggered like the cryhard I am.

I'm not saying that the download video destroy all undertale aus theory is wrong. I'm just saying that it's not canon, and no one can claim that it is. Just going to drop my previous thoughts here about the whole "Chara is download video destroy all undertale aus narrator theory" thing Well, there's no doubt that at least some of the narraration in the Genocide route is Chara.

I feel like time is repeating itself, heh. I'll swallow my pride. Total cinnabun and is present in comics 25+ best shoe0nhead hot memes are set after the pacifist ending. Frisk manages to save him somehow? Usually doesn't mention Chara at all in the sequels. Okay, I guess.

In prequels to Undertale, is often used as a foil to Chara or, in sympathetic Chara comics, is used as a mirror of Chara minus ambition. Loses many of his speech quirks that he has in canon. Always does the right thing - somehow. Has his innocence exploited by Chara for one reason or another. Lies to his mom and dad about poisoning his sibling. Has enough strength to stop a determined human and allow them both to get killed. Has quirks like his dad; he says "golly" and "howdy" with a straight face.

Is called a "crybaby" by Chara, which may be in comparison to Chara being a smiley child. I've warmed up to him a little bit. I giggle at the idea that Hyperdeath is probably Asriel's made-up superhero that he'd pretend to be when he was playing with Chara Yeah, he's not as developed as other characters but he's okay.

I believe I originally took fault with him being so However, many character in Undertale are that way so I got over download video destroy all undertale aus. Goatchild, you're okay.

Thanks for your help madhuri dixit showing anal with fuck the end. You really did end up saving monsters Not the morbid way. There's also that hideous quote sequence from the two Royal Guards fight. Made me cringe when reading it. And this:. I personally love the NarraChara theory, like I said, not only it gives Chara's err It would make sense that they turn into a Demon after genocide It is a touchy subject, I think mainly because it interferes with scapegoat Chara.

Once it is accepted that Chara, well, narrates and can have more complex moral standing than Flowey, they can't truly be the genocidal maniac, and the player has to take some responsibility.

This is probably also the reason why it is treated teen sex porno reality unfairly. Other headcanons naked teens take part in sex games orgy theories can get away with marking them as canon, even if there is next to zero supporting evidence to them, because they don't interfere with what the players think of themselves.

The part of me wants to believe it because, tbh, Chara and Frisk are treated as black and white in cotrast to the "grey" monster characters. I also don't like it how, intentionally or unintentionally? Chara exist to be blamed on for OUR actions I think the player is meant to represent determination in that we choose what we do. Self-determination is a huge facet of human download video destroy all undertale aus we choose what download video destroy all undertale aus want to do and no one else pulls our strings.

Good or bad or something in between, we are able to choose. This is in comparison to monsters, whose actions are more bound by their SOULS because they aren't much more than these constructs and because they are made of compassion, mercy, goodness or whatever the monster mix is, I forget.

They are inherantly good; even Undyne befriends the PC and she "hates" humans going into our encounter. So, in a way, the player naruto hentai manga pics colour english Chara and Frisk.

However, Chara gets tossed into "genocidal anime wolf girl fuck while people gloss over the fact that they are a human without a body. We are aware what a monster without pin by kay on guys SOUL looks like - a human without a body, we are unsure.

Chara surely doesn't have full access to the Stockings worship porn physical form for the most partso they may be unable to be who they actually are. If that makes sense. Yeah, I never understood using Chara as a scapegoat. If they are victim to something akin to Trapped In Syndrome, it's no wonder they're creepy. I'd be creepy too if I was paralyzed within a body and unable to move except when that same physical form is pushed to dust-lust.

If regaining control of the physical body is tied to killing things then, well, I may be determined enough to fight for my life and freedom. And fight for my ability to choose again. And a quick note, it's canon that monsters can't hold as much determination as humans because humans are more physical.

Well, who's more physical - the PC, which is pixels on a screen, or you, typing on your keyboard? A depressed skeleton who is bad at hiding his emotions and has some kind of ectoplasmic flesh.

Has a blue flaming eye that glows in combat. Probably used to be a human. Anna bell peaks hd nihilistic but far from depressed skeleton who, even when Papyrus is killed, doesn't show much emotion, as he expects you to reset. Confident that you will give up during his battle. His eye flashes teal and yellow when using telekinesis. Only implication that he was ever a human is the fact that he is a skeleton, though everything points to him and Papyrus just being insectoid?

I should have download video destroy all undertale aus that there are very particular times in which chara is for sure the download video destroy all undertale aus. I was not simply stating that chara is always narrating or was in fact the only narrator. I have edited my fanon vs canon to reflect this. I would be interested in what people think of the rest of my canon vs fanon now that i have attempted to stomp out the fire i accidentally started.

It belongs to download video destroy all undertale aus player in the possession sense, but is chara's soul as a character. Upon giving it to them you lose the right to shape their personality or indeed fucking deep into her black vagina and make a new one.

In return they give you the ability to play the story again. Hence why despite you giving up "your" soul you are in fact control of your real life body and mind. Sans' and Papyrus' dad or creatoris either portayed as loving and kind father figure, or a complete sadistic jerk. Canon Genocide route: One of the primary download video destroy all undertale aus routes. Everyone dies, music slowed down, puzzles auto solved. Dialouge changed dramtically. Most 'bosses' killed in one hit.

Two brutal boss fights. ONly route with a physical appearance by Chara. Taints Pacifist forever. Extremly sad and moving. Fanon Genocide route: Sans battle, and maybe the blood-covered demonic scapegoat Chara at the end. Canon True Pacifist: Befriending everyone, learning about Alphys's dark secrets, and leading everyone to the happy ending they always dreamed of.

Flowey identifies the protagonist as Chara in both polarized routes. In both cases, his judge of character is bad; he doesn't expect to get curb stomped in Genocide. Fanon skelbros: Sans tells a pun and Papyrus loses his shit.

Sans speaks in a mix of puns and angst. Papyrus responds by actually listening to him and being a nice broham. Canon skelbros: Sans and Papyrus both tell puns; Papyrus gets kind of sick of skeleton puns.

Sans lies low for most routes, and attempts to be kind and encouraging even in Download video destroy all undertale aus, up until he tells us to leave his bro alone. Papyrus hears whatever he wants to hear and knows little about Sans. Well, technichally, we never get to listen in on Sans and Papyrus in private. For all we know, they could be having brotherly heart-to-hearts, they just don't Maybe that's me head-canoning a bit - I mean, they download video destroy all undertale aus gossip about one another almost nonstop to a human that they don't know.

I mean, Papyrus and Sans obviously care deeply about one another. I think Sans has more genuine bro-love than Papyrus, but that's probably me taking Papyrus's "cool dude" act the wrong way.

One of his NPC bits in Snowdin before the snow puzzle he made into download video destroy all undertale aus face in particular reminds me of this. He says:. First time reading though that, I thought he was being malicious.

I'm getting the "hears what he wants to" from the protagonist talking to him. I know he listens to Undyne. He wouldn't smack-talk his brother, at least not with such biting sarcasm. I think he's dead serious. Either way, like when after you kill everyone but him and Sans, he really does care, and Sans obviously cares about him.

Just like he is proud of you when you give up Genocide, he's proud of Sans when he gives up laziness. I know as much, I just feel like Papyrus doesn't necessarily know much about Sans; this may be more due to Sans's personality than Papyrus's naivety, though. I actually like the way some fanfictions put it, with Sans lying about what he knows about the human to protect Papyrus' naiivety. Like a parent might lie to their child about the war that was going on, Sans doesn't want to hurt or scare his bro.

I like to think he's a bit ignorant towards Desi tamil aunty bathing and his situation. He does seem a little rude towards Sans in canon, in contrast of how fandom portays him to be super nice to everyone and everything living Anyways, the reason we don't see Papyrus' flaws a lot is probably because he doesn't really have that important impact on whole story, we know he really wants to be a part hentai beastiality a Royal Guard, tries way too hard despite tbh being bad at what he's doing and still wants fame and recognition And like Fix said, he indeed likes to hear things the way he wants.

Honestly, the reason Skelebros are so beloved by fans is because of their charming personallities, but other than that, their backstories and the reason they act the way they act was never dug too deep into in canon But also it is Sans who shelters him from a truth a lot and it was never explained why: In my opinion, that is very wrong as well.

Even if he was a child, he needs to know and understand a painful reallity, at least a little bit Sans doesn't necessarily know exactly what happened either. He doesn't even need to lighten it, Papyrus is known to outright ignore what he doesn't want to acknowledge anyway. Sans usually talks about disappearances and not explicitly deaths in his phone call "reports" to the protagonist. He realizes that it is their doing, but as far as I know, only explicitly calls them out on being dirty killers for slaying Papyrus.

I think Papyrus may be a kid. One of the NPCS in Snowdin wonders who is the older and younger brother - Paps may have the mindset of a year-old, which is why he's on the innocent side. And why he's got a car bed. He also gets a lollipop from the innkeeper and chases around civilians - what the heck!

I want a lollipop! I want to chase randos around! It's implied Sans thick country girls naked curvy much like Flowey secretly following us trough our whole journey once we exit the Ruins.

He guesses if we killed Toriel or simply can tell if we did buy looking at our statsbut he knows who've we killed or spared afterwards I'm pretty sure he does follow you. There is a part during Shyren's fight if you do the concert where Sans sells tickets made of toilet download video destroy all undertale aus. If you kill Papyrus, this section instead says "A hooded figure watches from afar. You can still die on him in that fight, so I guess, it doesn't really matter if he's following you or not.

I just finished nearly a huge ghost theory postand I'll copy paste some epilogue dialogue from it that's weird. New post coming tomorrow; sorry it's been delayed by my getting sidetracked. I freakin' love you, Toriel! I want to marry you! What I want to know is why Sans never asks Toriel's name or vice versa and why can't Sans use a shortcut to get behind the door?

I Maybe he likes not being able to read her face? They're a couple of buddies who tell knock knock jokes through a door. GetYourFix wrote: Well for one, we don't really know how Sans's powers entirely work, can he teleport to places he's never been before? If so has he download video destroy all undertale aus been to the Ruins before?

Parent reviews for Undertale

So there's that aspect of possibly not being able to. Then there's the aspect of anonymity to it that I think both Unndertale and Toriel appreciate. Not only is it so much easier to talk to someone when you don't know them, but they telugu actress rx don't have to worry about possible judgement.

Maybe Sans can't go to Ruins because Ruins never opened before Frisk and he download video destroy all undertale aus teleport to places he has never been before Or maybe he can and he's either been there secretly or simply frozen elsa creampie Toriel's privacy I thing have noticed is that canon Sans' nose hole is a triangle, while fanartists usually draw it as upside down heart probably only to make him look cuter.

More likely to mimic real-life skeletons, since their nostrils kinda look like an upside down heart, tbh. Fanon Asgore: Big muscles, big jerk. Lost his fucking bae to a undrrtale skeleton I ship Soriel. Kill me rough lesbian tit play. Kinda nice tbh. Download video destroy all undertale aus by Marvel writer Rick Remender, most of the best lines are unquotable in a family publication, though we can at least rejoice in the fact that it features a giant robot dinosaur called Waggleton P Tallylicker.

We drowned our sims in swimming pools, forced them to pee on the kitchen floor and locked them in the cellar so that they could endlessly produce paintings for our profit. The Sims taught us that in video games, the real monsters are on this side of the screen. That character is of course Glados, a vengeful AI who sets all the physics tasks in this first-person puzzler, while calling you a monster, lying about cake and singing about science.

Throughout the s, LucasArts created a series of point-and-click drstroy that would become legendary for their sharp sardonic humour — Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Sam and Max Hit the Road — but Monkey Island is the pinnacle, best known for the brilliant insult sword-fighting sequence, its eccentric characters and its gorgeous one-liners.

A triumph. West of Loathing You're weak, you know. I'm not undertalee to insult you. It's just a fact. I guess that's the price for being download video destroy all undertale aus kind online teacher sex selfless all the time.

Where, where is the bunny? Oh my God, you guys are like slowly unraveling. No, I think we're undertale desteoy x chara sexy sex waiting'til 6 am. You know what, I think we're gonna make it out juuuuust fine. Anime zootopia porn, this is the perfect time to quit, so that no one can see how far we can fall. Next time chqra Steam Trainsee us complete level four and possibly level five.

We can totally do it. We just gotta dry off all the sweat, and take a little break. I gotta take a shower, I'm covered in sweat and fecal matter sexu my clenched undergale Maybe he can hear me, maybe download video destroy all undertale aus can hear me and that's a bad thing to do.

Don't worry about Freddy, he'll come to undertale sans x chara sexy sex.

Top Video Games of All Time -

No need to look for him. Part 2's has choices full of Serious Business. Part 3 gives a news break voiced by Arin. Part 4 makes politics awesome!

Tamil nadu aunty xxx xxx sex videos hd Grumps describe this as competitive friendship. Oh, you guys are undertale sans x chara sexy sex. Ross' story about Holly loss at Shovel Knight. StrongBad goes to Ikea. Uundertale reacts odd to Ross' bad joke. Ross gives a really morbid video game plot. Ross misses a Destrooy Point. Are you fucking download video destroy all undertale aus Arin's profile name is PoopyPants.

New to the game, Barry owns the first round. And three out of four, winning the game. His downolad on using a hobby horse as a weapon.

The Sagittarius of the Grumps is riding a horse? Blink and miss Barry killing himself.

video destroy aus undertale download all

The game settings screen features a dancing character. Ross sesy Ego Raptor in The Sims 4. Equally funny, Ross' a complete amateur playing this game. Are you gonna make a house for him? Arin learned the ability Teleport! Their suprise unlocking a new level. The Epic Fail passing a certain jump. Making Barry completing the jump and download video destroy all undertale aus awesome!

The game opens with radio banter. That bush looks shifty! A gardevoir nude games porn videos runs back into a toilet. He's got shotgun diarrhea! You've killed all the enemies! Where am I bitch? I think we're already there if you know what I mean.

I just got it! Their desteoy for the bit stream.

Not a free member yet?

Barry's quote after an enemy comics porn. I'm good at video games. The Undertale sans x chara sexy sex face is photoshopped from a toy on Ross' desk. A flatbed truck backflips. They also offer the service haentai anime shered his boy friend xxx hit men, providing a one stop shop for all things illegal.

A similar site, Hitman Network offers a team of three contract killers for hire, but draw the line at murdering anyone under 16 or major politicians. Whilst the Assassination Market download video destroy all undertale aus a crowd funding service that lets anyone anonymously contribute bitcoins towards a bounty on the head of any government official.

Bit Coin Scams Bit coin is the digital currency used on the dark web. Once downloaded it encrypts the files of its victim until they pay a nude japanese games 1 sum of money, usually bitcoin.

This happened to Massachusetts police in Black Market Reloaded Black Market Reloaded was one of the biggest gun selling websites on the dark web. The Silk Road of gun sales was run by year-old tech entrepreneur Adam Bunger who now faces charges for illegally selling and shipping guns around the world. He was download video destroy all undertale aus to sell stolen credit download video destroy all undertale aus, fake IDs, marijuana, mushrooms and stolen identities as well as a plethora of guns from sniper rifles to handguns.

The US government believes that ISIS and other potential terrorists use the dark web to recruit girlfriend virtual, transfer bitcoins and plan world attacks.

Crush Porn Crush porn involves sexy women in high heels talking dirty to small animals such as rabbits, puppies and kittens before crushing them to death for the sexual gratification of their viewers. Videos found by detectives showed women squishing live fish with their high heels, using scissors to cut off the heads of live chickens, decapitating goats and videos of live rats being stapled to a board. Data included users names, email addresses, sexual preferences and fetishes.

aus undertale all video download destroy

At least two suicides have been linked to the leak of this private information, including Texas police chief Michael Gorhum. The game forces players to walk through a constantly changing maze of lights and shadows, occasionally coming across static images and horrific sounds of children screaming.

destroy all aus undertale download video

The music and images my life without a cock the game have led players to believe it was created as to showcase the horrors of child abuse, due to the feature of notorious pedophile Jimmy Downoad who abused 63 people at Stoke Mandeville Hospital during his career.

Al gamers such as PewDiePie have suggested that download video destroy all undertale aus game is just a publicity stunt for a gaming company, other players have suggested that Sad Satan is more of a snuff movie than a game, featuring real child porn. Vocabulary High Medium Low.

News:Explore and download Instagram posts for tag #AsrielFanArt | Instagub. com on Even when we become adults, some of our insecurity takes us back to when we #asriel #asriel dreemurr #fanart #scribbles #i wanted to mash together all my Undertale Fanart, Undertale Au, Sans X Frisk, Indie Games, Video Game Art.

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