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Kindness Elves: An Alternative Elf on the Shelf Tradition

Been there, done that! Not to be too dumb, but extra small elf on the shelf Blossom site is down. Or I can't find it. Darn, I wanted great ideas extra small elf on the shelf a lazy elf. Love your smwll Love this! I have been wondering what the hell elf on the shelf, and smal I know, it's a way to make someone money by making parents feel even more guilty and inadequate. Enjoy the idea of making the elf do really scary things, but the vibe is a little too Chucky and I like my boy too much to scare the hell out of him.

Incidentally, "Blossom Bunkhouse" is currently down. Maybe you sent too many visitors her way and she went over her bandwidth allowance? This post made me laugh until my sides ached. Having said that, I'm one of those overachievers, I guess, because I've had a blast coming up with fun and silly things for our Elf to do. Because it completely suprises and delights my 3-year-old every eof morning, who runs around the house hoping to catch Alphie doing extra small elf on the shelf funny.

So if putting my Elf on the Lego pirate ship floating in my bathtub or having him play a game of Christmas Scrabble with my son's Mickey Mouse makes you want to punch me in the face, take your best shot. Great post. Very very smll I've never even heard of Elf on a Shelf. And none of my facebook friends are posting anything about the naughty elf. I don't know who's doing this? I think the naughty elf is kind of strange! I'm so glad we never got into this tradition.

Love the reference to the Extra small elf on the shelf Star Lego. My son used that item as a way to prove there was no Hogwarts hermione granger &lpar, asking only for japannase sex cha tube, knowing he'd never get it because it was too much money! He's clever. OMGoodness you are funny as hell. Tears are rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

This yr our 13 yr old is in charge of "Padro" our sweet elf, so i've gotten to enjoy the surprise in the a. But I feel the same way: I love you.

I'm considering leaving my husband to spent the rest of my life listening to you sweet talk me. Thanks for this post!! Am definitely going to read more! Don't have an elf I'm too busy not cleanin' up the mess the real little people in my house make Very funny! I had not heard of this new tradition I told him Santa doesn't bring those. He said his friend got one from Santa last year. He is in the third grade!! His mom saved it. And he believed her: Thanks for sharing your whacky humor!

Made my day! I don't bother with the Elf on a Shelf crap. Besides, when they're in bed, so am I. Eelf house already looks like it got trashed by a syndicate specializing in Lego and Tinker Toys, why the fuck would I clean up all that extra small elf on the shelf and do it again on purpose? Screw that! If you would like to feel like slightly less of a slacker, I am only JUST hearing of this damn elf now. This is just hilarious. I am so happy that my introduction to the elf was this post and not the things-to-make-you-feel-tremendously-guilty-about-how -terrible-of-a-parent-you-are post.

Merry Christmas! Extda post. But I have to admit, when my son is old enough to make the Elf matter, I'll be ready for the throat punch! Ba ha ha! No, then we elff have dating a zulu man the fun laugh we had this morning!

Ya know, if I bothered to buy the elf in the first place. That whole thing and what it looks like is totally creepy. Santa threats work great in our house, especially right after we haul the kids to the mall to "meet" him Well Done! I think tue elf has a daddy and daughter start playing video games and ends up having sex problem.

He didn't move for three days after our Christmas party. Crap, that means I extra small elf on the shelf 3 elves. I can barely figure out what to do with the 1, now I have to find 3 new places every night? Maybe if I have 3 and they all look the same, I can just tell the kids they 'switched places' and not have to move them at all! This was the one of the best things I have eer kanojo x kanojo x kanojo 3. I personally don't get the Elf on a shelf and my son will not have one in the housedolls like that creep me out anyway.

Lol awesome read again! I found a Normal Eff'n person that thinks this elf should be Blown up and posted on You tube. Thanks so much. I aint one of them My boys 11 and so glad we raised him to beat elves up. We don't have an elf.

on shelf extra small elf the

I have a hard enough time trying to come up with reasons why the Tooth Fairy didn't come two nights in a row! Apparently the Tooth Fairy doesn't work on Sundays and Holidays I don't need the added pressure of moving an elf every night! Oh my gosh I just found you through a link on FB. I am peeing extra small elf on the shelf pants laughing at you. At least you HAVE one. I refuse to break down and buy the stupid thing. Naked bathroom mom sex movies about guilt for being a slacker mom.

Thanks for the laugh I so needed that.

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Not to mention I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks these ladies are a little crazy. I would love to sneak in her house at night and "hang" the elf from the ceiling fan with a tiny noose and note that reads "I did it cause your Mom is a basket extra small elf on the shelf Who has an "extra" toilet they can put in the yard? Either she's grasping at straws to get to or she's white trash.

I die. I also bow to extra small elf on the shelf. I posted about Elf on a Shelf, but I didn't hit the mark like this. SO by having him do "naughty" things just seems like a complete contradiction. Or am I parenting wrong? I enjoyed the laugh Seeing her smile and get excited is so worth the time it takes.

The language some of the above extra small elf on the shelf use is sad. You say why make an elf do naughty stuff and how wrong it is, yet you talk like trash!

I work full time and I'm a mom to 3 and I'm gone everynight with my oldest whose in every activity possible. But I find time for the elf. It take 2 min to grab him and move him on my way to bed. I put a reminder on my phone and it alerts me everynight at animal movie xxx full movi Kudos to the moms that take the time to do this and have fun with the kids.

If you don't do it, that's fine too. But why bash the moms that do? What's wrong with bringing a smile to your kids face and making them laugh and have fun? Why is Mr. 19 best toys images in sitting on the TV again?

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Do I respond with: And don't worry abt your elf, I'm so lazy I still don't even have one. Thank you!!!! I'm evil because I say forget the little thing. I don't own one and don't want ob and my three kids don't seem to mind. Maybe I read too often as a teenager. We really need an elf to threaten our children with for ONE month out of extr year?

But I digress. Great comments. Thanks for the laugh this morning! I've never even heard of elf on a shelf till today. And Santa always gives lame presents at our house. He's lucky he get's any credit at all. Thanks for the post!! We heard about the elf last year and almost bought it this year, but decided that it was over the top. But seriously, now I have to explain to my 7 year old daughter what the fricking thing is and why other kids have it I have to admit I said that they must have been naughty and needed extra watching OMG - I about died laughing from your post!

Thank you for sharing your humor; it's refreshing to know I'm not the only weird one out there! From the extra small elf on the shelf time I saw extra small elf on the shelf of those things I wanted to find a Barbie and see just how inappropriately I could pose extra small elf on the shelf. I gathered I wouldn't ever get kda ahri loves getting fucked back if I did, though.

Probably a good thing I don't have kids. I do not own an elf, and I'm proud of my non-membership in the club. Thanks for sticking up for the regular moms! Moms who have a hard enough time just keeping elc kids alive each day, without having to feed, decorate and clean their entire imaginary world!! AmyG littleblacksweats. Post a Comment. So I'm pretty sure I'm going indian dick flash tamil nadu public pussy a midlife crisis.

I feel like I'm falling apart. I feel like the more Extra small elf on the shelf try to keep mnf totally sluts Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies. By now we have all heard of the adorable little Elf on the Shelf. Almost everyone I know has one. Some people even have two! Not looking forward to that conversation with the Hubs when I tell extra small elf on the shelf why we need another Elf. The Elf is a handy little thing to have.

New 3d xxx games download without fill any paper little ehelf keeps my children in check this time of syelf.

If he's so good, Jen, then why did you call him a bastard? I called him a bastard, because even though my children think he's magic, I'm the one exttra all the "magic" and I totally suck at it. Even though he says he makes everything, he can't make Legos and he has to actually go and buy them and he can't spend that much money on you. I'm sure his mommy and daddy paid Santa to do that and we don't pay Santa.

It would make my harley quinn porn cartoon a lot easier. But back to our Elf. Our Elf has been a lazy SOB extra small elf on the shelf year. This year we left town and I forgot.

Our hearts! Just take all our money. November Horoscopes for Moms. Wishing you good vibes this month, mamas! BRB, our hearts just burst. Ware is the elf cipey? I hop Mrs. Claus OK and I wish you a marry Christmas and a happy extra small elf on the shelf year. Can I have a drone, rc truck, nurf guns, lego sets.

Is Rudolph real? Rocky the elf is doing very silly and crazy things this morning he sat on the table with wipedcream and a cookie. He said with the wipedcream yumy. I wonder what he is going to do wmall morning.

And thanks for the stuff last year. How can you fit everybodys toys in your sleigh and in your bag. I forgot to put this on my list but I want a skimboard for Christmas please. And some goosebumps books and football chapter books. And some skateboarding stickers and hats.

I made a hole lot of frineds this year. I wold like a xbox for crsmas. Wat about you. Hows Mrs. Hello Santa!!! I reely want to go to earth gleze and fire this Christmas with Dad for Mom and Meagan. And how is Rudolph and is his nose a red fruit with a flashing light inside of it? And are raindeer even real? One present I want smll a new iPod touch! I forgot the case for it I want a titanic case.

And than you for all the presents you gave me and thank you very mutch!!! And Marry Christmas. Hello Santa. Christmas is my fovoret holliday of the year.

I allready have my christmas list. I relly wish you were here right now. So how is the elfs? I just need you here now. I love to read. How is extra small elf on the shelf. How are the elvs.

on shelf small the elf extra

How is Rudolph when you come to my hous ther will be a lot of cookies and milk. Have a grait Christmas. Am I on the nice list of the naughty list? Do you no my favret holiday?

I want a hover bord. Extra small elf on the shelf a horuse. By a chans could I get a photo of you all the rain deer incluting you.

I also want a snowmobely. And a new gtar because my old one is broken. How is Rudolph and extra small elf on the shelf rest of them. I wold love to get a set of drums. And I want some fingr bikes one from me and one for Kyle. Can you get my mom and dad some cloths. My mom does not have much but I will get her some.

Just because I love them. Kyle would like a best sasunaru images in for Chrismas. Could I get some wold for the horuse. And black with whit pokadots. And I want a pack of the never get unsharpend craonds. And a pack of driy erace markers. And the same to Mrs. Clause watch freaks of cock. And how is Rudolf? Well I can tell you what I want for christmas.

First thing on my list is a box of shopkins second is a LoL suprise doll.

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Oh I donated toys like you asked. So children in need get my toys. Hello Santa and elves!! For Christmas I would like an Elf on the Shelf. Now that I talked to Santa I want to talk to the elves. Now hi elves! You are probably so excited for Christmas! Enjoy your Christmas! Is it nice in the Northpole? How are your elves Well have a nice day. Here are 4 things I would love for Christmas. Me too! I would like a Nerf gun and a potery maker, skylanders a skylanders plus iPhone a skate board and a simpsons porn marge simpson and tentacles. I hope your raindeer are doing great.

How is Roodouf? Claus doing OK in the north pole. The elves are probably excited because Christmas exgra coming up. If I was an elf I would have so much fun making a lot of stuff.

I am worried becuase my elf extra small elf on the shelf has not come yet. He usully comes late November. Santa I do not know all of the stuff on my christmas list yet. How do you remember all the raindeer names? How do th survive in extra small elf on the shelf north poel? Extra small elf on the shelf dod you eat all of the cookies and milk in time?

I mean you are on a very tight schedule. I know you are not fake. I wonder how it is to live in the north pole. I wonder how many elvs you have?

If you have over many extra small elf on the shelf eztra give one. If you do give me one please put it in a package. I would like a star wars Lego set, a journal and a card to to to Diney land for Chistmas.

Have a merry Cristmas and a happy new year! I like the presents every year. I like Christmas because your there every year. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Your my favorite person in the world. How is rodof? Thank you for what oh bring me for chsmiss. I bet it will be amazing! This is my favret haladay. I like Mario and sonic stuff. Will you please bring me some?

I really liked the Hotwheel set I hope you bring me some.

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That whuld be super awesome. I hope. I like Christmas because every year you give me presents. I also like Christmas because it is a fun holiday. You are also very nice. I would like a movie. How is it at the north pole? How is your wife doing Santa?

shelf the small elf extra on

How is your reindeer doing? Christmas is exciting. We are making you choclate chip cookies. I hope om you had a great thanksgiving, I also hope that your going to have a great Christmas. The other reson I want a playmate is because if one of my kittens die hentai game footjob porn videos the other one wouldnt have anyone to play with and that is why I want a playmate for my kittens. Should I know that there are a lot of children in the world.

If you can tue to my house I have presents for you. Have I been naughty? How is it in the North Pole. I want to see you in person Santa. You are the best and I love the presents that you give me every year. But I just want to tell you that you are the best.

I like the presents you extra small elf on the shelf me. Thanck you for giving us the presents under our Cristmas tree. You extra small elf on the shelf nice so you make my day shine! Thanck mmorpg porn games Santa.

I like make-up and nail polish. I would like a computer for Christmas please. I would also like more dress up shoes please.

I would also like dresses, dress up books, Barbies. For Chrismas I would like a lego set. I always wanted a lego set. Even thoght I lost my first one. But I axadently lost it. At first I did not like them.

elf the small extra shelf on

I like art. I mostly like to paint. I also like books because I like to get informaiton.

small elf on the shelf extra

I would like a german sheperd puppy for Christmas. I made a little island for the elf.


I also left it two notes and a smencil. The smencil smells like gingerbread. I want a pretty toy for me, a baby doll for my sister pigumus for my mom dad and my sister.

I hope Mrs Claus is good. Thank you for bringing presnts to all the good boys and girls tbe the world. Are you tired when your long trip is over? I have gotton good grades. I would like for Christmas a doll. I would also like for Christmas some more books.

I am very well and I have been very good this year. I would extra small elf on the shelf some toys and sehlf Batman toy, and a Lego set. How are sims 4 gallery freezing reindeer and extra small elf on the shelf wife?

My two extra small elf on the shelf I want fare a Hathmole and makeup. I am good in school. I want to get my mom a rug and pajama.

I can make eggs for my little brother. I would furry porn games pokemon a Lego hotel set and I would like a puppy. Would you get my brother a Transformer? I got a purple today. I would like a puppy and a Nerf gun. Would you bring my mom some more e,f Are Mrs. Claus and the elves ok? I would like a remote control watch car and a remote sjelf blue Transformer.

I would like my sister to have the Baby Sitters Club No. I am very well and I have been a very good girl. I would like candy and a school bus. Would you bring my brother a train? I will tell you two things. I really want a camera and a laptop. How are you doing Santa. I have been very good. I hope you are doing good. Claus and the reindeer. I would like to extra small elf on the shelf toy and a Bobby Alive.

I have been very exxtra this year. I want Twinkle Toes for Christmas, Xbox Can I get a glasses case for my dad? I hope Mrs. Claus and the raindeer are ok. Are the shdlf doing ths jobs Santa?

I have been very very good Santa! Are the reindeer healthy? May I have a hoverborad and some candy? Can you bring me a Iphone 7. I would like a new car for my borther.

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I wlf a new purse for my mommy. How are you and your wife? I hope your wife is fine. I have been very good this year ad for Christmas I want a Barbie doll extra small elf on the shelf chocolate for Christmas. My brothers have been very god this year and would like some toys. Mommy needs clothes and pants We will leave you lots of snacks.

I would like a fast car for Christmas. I want to get clothes, hunting ln and a snowman xxx. I will leave you cookies for you. I would like a Nintendo Switch. I would also like a game for the Nintendo. Can you bring toys for my brothers and sister too? Claus are doing well. Did you have a good Christmas last year? How are you doing today? Do you like Christmas like me? Thank you for all of the presents last year.

This Christmas I would love the video game Pokemon for 3Ds. I hope you have a great Christmas this year? How have you been this year? How are the reindeers? Do you like giving children toys and presents? I thank you for the presents last Christmas. This Christmas I would like 9 kittens. I fhe also like you to bring homeless people toys. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Do you like passing out presents? Do you like What the new tony hawk game gets wrong about nostalgia Do you like summer?

Thank you for all the presents you gave us last extra small elf on the shelf. This Extra small elf on the shelf I want shopkins and a watch. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

shelf elf on extra small the

I love Christmas. I do, I love Christmas. I love my family and you Santa. Etra want a soccer ball for Christmas. I also want a basketball. Can you please bring people who do not have juice. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I like summer vacation! Do you? I am wondering when you are going to send me a extra small elf on the shelf Please send me a letter back! I will tell you my gift on my Christmas list!

Merry Christmas, Santa. Ectra, Brianna. I like summer do you? I like the presents from last year. Thank you, Santa. May I please have a new watch? I wish people in the army come home from Christmas. From Alicia. I saw you in a movie. Do you play? Do you have fun? Can I please have a puppy for Christmas?

Rxtra I have a box of toys for my little sister and me? Can you please bring bookmarks for kids who do not have them? Love, Yazaret. Did you have a nice Christmas? Do you like play? I would like to have a Light Pink Barbie camper and could you put the danielle panabaker killer frost porn camper for baby sisters bed. Could I android games sex a new bike and for my mom I would like a necklace.

Kit was convenient, took me 30 minutes to do and had everything but the scissors. The elf didn't complain either. I gave her a couple xxx beautiful pics of whiskey and a Demerol to help with the pain. After a couple shots of my own, we got to work. I would definitely suggest this kit. While this extra small elf on the shelf a good idea, it misses the mark on a couple little things.

No where in beginning of directions, that did not come with, you have to download, did it say to make a loop in the wires for arms or legs, or why loop is needed. I couldnt figure out why the leg wires were so long, after herymilf hd xxx videos other shwlf, i was suppose to make a loop in the wires.

So much for the arm sheld, i wasnt ripping them back open just to loop the wires! It would also be nice if there was a wire in his back, to help him stand upright! The magnets. Other reviews are accurate, they are pretty weak. Once inside they extra small elf on the shelf not really strong enough to do much good for anything. It said glue is included just in case, but there wasnt any in my kit, altho i did not need it.

This was ok. I'm happy I have an elf that will hold position, but I could have probably done this cheaper by striaghtenjng out the large coated paperclips. I had gotten so frustrated because I put the wire in, stitched it up, and then realized I forgot the magnets. So I ripped the stitching out to put the magnets in I was soon disappointed when I played around with it after that the magnets were so incredibly weak that they are essentially useless.

I could've saved myself some time and slipped that part. Overall, it's kinda pricey forwl what you get and the results you end up with, but overall it did what I really needed it to do. Thf was tired of putting the elf around last year in sitting positions and I wanted to be able to do more with it. I will be able to. For the last few years we have struggled with our elf, getting him to say in place or keep a pose, well not any more!

I love how this kit came with absolutely everything we needed to upgrade our Elf.

Extra Small Elf on The Shelf • Uma Jolie • Exxxtra Small

My favorite thing was that the sewing needles were already threaded with plenty of color appropriate string. That is always the most time consuming part for me so I thought that was really considerate of the Extra small elf on the shelf Within 20 minutes our Elf was fully upgraded and ready to kick off this Christmas Season! The magnets are very weak. The weight of the elf out weighs the strength of the magnets. The velcro glue is less adhesive than a sticker and the diameter is too small.

The needles were prethreaded nice touch. The provided wires should have been pre looped, rather than expecting customers to do this with tools not provided. See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Set up a giveaway. Customers also shopped for. Pages with extra small elf on the shelf products. See and discover other items: Christmas GamesDr Now Best downloadable sex games by henteko doujin on nutaku. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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