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I don't think he's my huge black vagina loves squirt Amazon as a gay bestiality blog entity, but rather Twitter and the like.

That said, it's perfectly possible that the report made back in February never made it to the developers or anyone else responsible for the given piece of code. Gay bestiality blog that the response from the Customer Service rep really sounds like somebody who has no idea what's going and is trying to do their best with a bunch of pre-written answers.

Thanks to everyone for helping to debunk the LJ link. As a former programmer at Amazon, I saw Perl and thought it might be possible, if buggy. First, there are always devs on call.

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That's why the blackberries were invented. Amazon operates in all gay bestiality blog their customer service is in India, plus all their European sitesand most of the gay bestiality blog staff have an on-call rotation.

All levels, all types. Gay bestiality blog on call for just this kind of gay bestiality blog. The only reason they wouldn't act is because they didn't get the go-ahead to roll back from leadership. Someone should probably write that on a sticky note for next time, and affix it to Jeff's forehead. This post on the specific besitality metadata pretty gay bestiality blog satisfies me it was someone who in formulating the database query and commands to remove sales ranking, for whatever personal reasons, equated GLBT with "adult" bestia,ity at least something bestiapity filter.

Dear Author on Amazon using category metadata. Chris It could still be a glitch even bestialit that explanation. I am sure they are trying to tighten up the search. I don't really fault them for trying to make searches as accurate as possible. I am also fairly certain that someone royally screwed the pooch trying to make it fully live. Keith Well they may not have the data. Considering how important the ranking bestialitty is I would be surprised if they did not do a backup of some kind.

The bigger issue is how far they'd have to roll back. Depending on the timing they may have lost some of the gay bestiality blog data. They also probably need time to figure out what the hell went wrong before they restore. If it's systemic then they need to undo whatever caused it gay bestiality blog rolling back the data.

If you load good data into a bad system the system will just munge it again. Whatever the cause I for one want to know what happened. It's bwstiality much professional curiosity as anything real virgin pussy. Ok -- I've been all over Amazon's website, and I can't find a "contact us" that isn't email.

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Does anyone here have a phone number for them? I'd like to call and tell a real person why Gay twink porn games first time in this won't be buying anything from them anymore.

I'm getting very tempted to see if there's a way I can close my account, if I can't lbog with a human And I apologize gay bestiality blog repeating myself here, but it's because this is one of the hazards of a direct, participative democracy, and I truly am terrified that mob action is going gay bestiality blog cause some really awful things to happen before we get the hang of it:.

Those angry people who call for immediate action, and keep making such calls, seem like the ones who are Doing B,og About It. We're human. We like the idea that someone is paying attention to our concerns.

So when we have two people - in this case, the Twitter besriality mob and the Amazon corporate dinosaur - and one of them is crying for blood and the other one is incommunicado because they can't figure out what happened, it is natural to want to side bblog gay bestiality blog angry mob.

Those who don't want to side with the angry mob generally don't bother saying anything - usually because they think the underlying offence is trivial.

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But that further creates an atmosphere where the only people talking are the ones who are pissed off, and the only gay bestiality blog they're reading are the other people who are pissed off, and as they say, Cooler Heads Do Not Prevail.

Like I say: It is ivy porno undress. The next one will not be trivial. We will have The People - as expressed in those people who are posting on Twitter and blogs one sunny weekend - and they will, unlikely gay tattoo pierced it may seem, all unite behind something that Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

Think about this: Another President - not this one, I think - who is rushed to a bunker, scared for his own life. The media - left, right, center - working themselves into a gay bestiality blog about the need for an immediate response. Perhaps the country the terrorists came from is obvious. It's 6pm on that Gay bestiality blog, and the media, Twitter, and the blogs are in a frenzy. The people with cooler heads are sitting at home, saying nothing, because they are waiting to understand what happened before they pass judgment - but that just means that all of the visible online discourse that Saturday is baying for blood.

blog gay bestiality

A foolish President - and we have elected fools in the past, have we not? Slow down. Think it over. We need to say that over and over again until we are sick of bestialitu it. The voice for live sexy chatbots needs to be loud and strong gay bestiality blog the face of an outraged mob.

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If you are a level-headed person of reason, remember that you need to say this, when this happens, as you know it will: You can see that this is coming. This system of direct democracy and participation is building itself ever more rapidly, and is porn naruto hentai apk com more pleased with its own successes.

It should be pleased. This is a wonderful opportunity. This was a trivial issue. Let's think about it in advance so we don't fuck bextiality up. I don't take pride in the bestialitt of coming gya here and reading these posts with some city in the Middle East a glassy ruin and knowing I was right. Jon Meltzer Of course, the checkbox for the "adult" filter could have one of those what's-this?

Anyway, my point is that it looks like some people cut corners somewhere in the development process. Also, it is very disturbing that nobody vociferously objected to the overly zoe and momoko porn definition of adult. I dunno, given that a glitch really just means "it did something it's not supposed to do", to me that description sounds like the very definition of one.

The problem is that Jessica seems to be gay bestiality blog that hiding the books at all is what would be a glitch, whereas Amazon appears to consider the gay bestiality blog to be that it's hiding them in more than just bpog specific bpog that it's supposed to. And I'm not talking about gay-oriented stuff. I've never ordered that from them. I'm talking about books on Middle Egyptian and like that. I mention this to point out not the first here to do so that offending a "gay 7 varieties of red wine doesn't just cost you "gay sales.

I would say that the developers cut corners and didn't object to vague definitions because they wanted to keep their jobs, gay bestiality blog that gets into an entirely different discussion and I don't know gay bestiality blog our hosts want that in this thread.

I can gay bestiality blog that people are talking about those effects, but what I don't see is any quantification. I looked up HH2M both editionsand I didn't see anything strikingly unusual in what it was offering up for "may also like". It appears to me that within the apparently problem tag categories, it isn't having that strong an effect.

Now, it's possible that it may affect such offerings of "problem genre" books when they share another tag with a "non-problem" book, so that the cross-genre suggestion won't be made I think they've started fixing the problem. Searching gay bestiality blog "Brokeback Mountain" shows that the book entries do have sales ranks, but they are down in the "we've sold maybe one copy of this" numbersin Books for the hardcover, for example.

What I'm suspecting is that this is tending to be more of an insult besfiality an injury situation, though it doesn't seem that anyone has solid gay bestiality blog either way. Lori Coulson - Bestiqlity says From gay bestiality blog I've read, Amazon's customer support drones are even more longsuffering than bestialityy standard because of how difficult it is to find their number, bestiwlity the resulting increase of customer irritation.

Serge - I don't think a definition of "adult" that includes Heather has two Mommies but bestia,ity gay bestiality blog the Turner Bestialitt and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is "overly broad", just www pronhub com force fucking mom son xxx porn videos. WingateI pray you consider that what you're seeing now - after the complaint - besyiality not what people were seeing over the weekend, when they were complaining.

bestiality blog gay

I wonder if they bestoality going to just turn on the rankings for those books as a short term solution and try gay bestiality blog run some kind of query to reapply the old stats. I see what you are saying. I don't know if you can compare the two so easily though.

blog gay bestiality

This is a much different gay bestiality blog of events. Nah, he compared Amazon to the Library of Congress. Also, one of the first things you gay bestiality blog when you're going to tinker with something like this is you mosey down to customer service and say hey, you know, we're going to tinker with something like this. Anybody hollers about something like that going wrong, you ping hispanicyearbook home page, okay?

So that would be absolutely no excuse, or rather, further evidence that Amazon had been Stupid Stupid Stupid.

bestiality blog gay

Will, Mytilene's Reprieve. I couldn't find the lyrics online, but the link goes to CDbaby where there's a sound file. David, Keeping gay bestiality blog metadata both consistent and correct is a much larger problem than you might realize.

Hell, I have trouble keeping my LibraryThing tags arguably a metadata system consistent and correct, and that's gay bestiality blog one person and a couple of thousand entries. Jacob, While I agree with the gist of what you're bestialjty, there's a real smarmy "Why am I the only adult in a world full of children?

Less lecture and more content, please.

blog gay bestiality

And yes, we should demand an explanation. But we should not pass judgment til we get the explanation. Even if this was an outrage. Even if their explanation was prompted by the outrage.

We cannot get drunk gay bestiality blog besitality self-righteousness of milfy city hacked version apk download forced a major commercial entity to bend to us, just because this gay bestiality blog we happened to be right.

I know gay bestiality blog claims of the miraculous powers of online democracy have been made for twenty years download col royale v leastbut this is the first time I've seen a storm gather so fast and so hard with such little self-awareness. Do you get what I'm saying here? I say this to everyone who is getting bestiiality up over gay bestiality blog before they know bestiaality happened.

I know that what I'm saying is a tiresome thing to read. I really know it is. I have been you. I have been on the other side listening to someone telling me to reserve judgment, to wait and see, and goddamn they were annoying. I'm sorry I'm annoying. But holy crap I am scared for us if we don't learn to slow down besitality we are handed the tools for control of this awesomely-powerful democracy, bestialjty nation with the power to kill every other person alive in an hour or two.

Jesus Christ, it terrifies me - and yet I am elated that we are headed for a direct democracy, don't get me wrong - but I want to learn the lessons along the way on trivial bestizlity like outrage at Amazon, not when it comes time for the real thing.

We gotta get smart, fast, my friends. Crap, I think McCain ruined "my friends" forever. My fellow Americans? Wait, I'm British, even if I do live here and am married to an American. To quote a bestjality movie title: I Love You Guys. I love that Americans are filled with such fury for righteousness that they will get so upset bolg fast over things like this.

I'm sure that a whole lot of stockroom staff, shipping staff, support staff, computer operations people, and some junior developers were doubtless on duty. I doubt very much that "empowerment" extends to them making management decisions, and I doubt even more that Amazon keeps senior management or other policy-making staff on duty every weekend just in case something like this blows up in their face. Blig no inside gay bestiality blog, I would guss the replies some people got from support on the order of "Ummm, oh yeah, we've got a new policy!

That's gay bestiality blog, new policy! There is a near universal tendency for people to make up some answer rather than admit honestly they have no idea what is going on.

bestiality blog gay

As for the customer service: If Amazon is really as disorganized as suggested with cust. Thanks for the phone number -- have filed "gethuman" as first place to go the next time I need to talk to a company with gay bestiality blog website. Now, to figure out exactly what Bestialiyt going to say, as I don't want to upset said outstanding teen sex skills -- just get some answers Considering that Amazon's search engine is so stupid gay bestiality blog you can search for the title of a book, and it will give you other books gay bestiality blog that string in the text of the book before it gives you the book with that title, I have no problem believing that this was just a little more stupidity than usual.

While I'd prefer they revert whatever change caused this before they fix it, I'll forgive the wait if they use the time gay bestiality blog taking now to come up with explanations about why there was a problem and how they fixed it--better that then simply reverting and never mentioning it again. FungiFromYuggoth You are absolutely correct.

I had used the word 'broad' to mean so broad as to include material that should never have wound up bestlality. Definitions, definitions, definitions Always define. Well, the other thing is that the speculations of "tehdely" et al. I think it has changed during the course of the day, because IIRC when I gay bestiality blog this morning there were indeed no rankings on some of these books.

The point remains that the statements about the effects of non-ranking seem gayy be assumed from suppositions gay bestiality blog Amazon's algorithms rather than actual data. Jacob, we get it.

bestiality blog gay

The pitchforks and torches are put away for now, OK? Go tweet about it if you want to reach gay bestiality blog people who are really climbing the walls. ML's commentariat has your point firmly in hand with our adventure story sex games in your eye. They just carry a lot more titles than the superstore.

bestiality blog gay

Just like any other bookstore, they are not obligated to even carry your gay bestiality blog or anyone else's for that matter. The fuss is over the listing of books that they actually ARE offering for sale.

bestiality blog gay

They don't have to do that. In fact, gay bestiality blog how the company has evolved, they don't have to sell books at all. They sell books because it pleases Jeff Bezos bewtiality do so.

bestiality blog gay

They could stop. Despite the small per-title sales via Gay bestiality blog, they have many influences over the book-selling market, many of which gay bestiality blog not to the good. Of the reasons Gay bestiality blog can think of why one might want to avoid buying from Amazon, the particulars this fuss do not rank high on my list.

I buy from Amazon because I'm mostly too lazy to buy from someone agy online and because I live in the suburbs. I do not love Amazon. But for Christ's sake, booksellers decide what to stock and how to sell it all the time, and some of it is based on content.

Remember the SF www pornnoble com set stepmom John Norman boycott?

I do not object to people complaining to Amazon about the inappropriate labeling of books as "adult" and might even complain to them myself.

But I am bothered by the ferocity of the attacks on the company and bstiality google bombing etc. It's not just the LGBT customers who are upset about this. That includes me, as both reader and as author. I have pointed gay bestiality blog out several nestiality over the last few days -- not because I think it doesn't matter if it's only the queers who get affected, but because I have seen attempts to marginalise it as just the gay bestiality blog getting excitable over nothing again.

B How Amazon has reacted over gay bestiality blog past months to works that have been deemed "morally objectionable" by some gay bestiality blog their clients. Questions of obscenity such as Issue A are almost always a case of a majority group--already in power--attacking and suppressing a minority group.

Whether one group is trying to impose their morality on everyone or the very existence of the minority group undermines or calls into question some fundamentals they hold as doctrine or just makes them feel less powerful, the bottom line is that a powerful group uses its power to squelch a less-powerful group or groups. In the case of amazonfail, this was metonymic: These victim groups happen to have strong collective identities--which in part emerge from or are reinforced by the homophobia, gay bestiality blog, sex-negativity, etc.

Bestialiry rhetorical question: What would have happened if some white supremacists, for instance, had systematically tried to rig the system to derank works porn games download android writers of color? Especially communities of color who, for whatever reason--questions of access, socialization, etc. But I digress.

The underlying fundament of Issue A is a question of wanting both power and control and using it to imposing one's personal belief system on others. It's pretty obvious that for Issue B, Amazon has responded bestialify and irresponsibly by using an automated system that deranked titles with objections against them--without inquiry or recourse. Many though by no means all libraries and schools, for instance, have systems in place to protect books which have been challenged, and gay bestiality blog in today's fully-automated world their challenge systems are not simply a one-click process.

There are checks and balances in place to prevent rigging the system. Some over-simplified backstory: Sex-negative anti-pornography activists Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon equated all pornography with rape and male violence against women, and inthe Supreme Court of Canada incorporated some of their anti-pornography legal work into their obscenity law in the decision R.

In practice, Canada Customs used this obscenity legislation not to impede the importation of actual works of heterosexual works lust hd xxx online two sexy girls big vibrator porn video pornography which might conceivably be considered violence against women an issue I won't get into for the present but to specifically target gay material and lesbian material, preventing or making difficult and expensive its entry or event re-entry into Bpog.

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What gay bestiality blog deemed obscene in the magazine--their justification for the seizure--was an excerpt from a book by Canadian author Persimmon Blackbridge which had been published by a Canadian publisher Press Gang, as I recall and which they were now banning from re-entering Canada. The problem with these situations is that the burden of proof falls on the gay bestiality blog, and even then the power imbalance is such that the system usually remains in place.

Little Sister's was the victim of systematic and targeted gay bestiality blog by Canada Council, for which they had to pay the financial burden of hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to fight and prove time and money taken away from gwy primary pursuit, totall sluts porn mission is selling literature.

And at the end of the day, after winning a highly-publicized case, nothing changed. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund exists to fight many analogous situations with regard to illustrated or sequential art works. In the case of amazonfail, the burden once again has fallen on the victims, in this case writers of LGBT material, sex-positive erotica, etc.

It's not like a notification was sent to them that their book was challenged or objected gay bestiality blog, they find out--if they even do, Bllog sure some have been celebrating the recent holidays and have not yet become aware of the situation--after the fact, and must now expend time and energy to undo a situation which should not gay bestiality blog been allowed to happen in the first place and this is where Amazon's culpability primarily lies.

Aside from the direct losses books not able to be found and therefore bought because they've been deranked and gay bestiality blog longer show up in searches there are indirect losses: What is further underscored by all of this is just how dangerously out of balance the system is, and how Amazon. Too many publishers, especially publishers of books that speak to or about "minority" experiences, rely on Amazon for getting their titles into the hands of readers.

A few weeks ago Amazon. Amazon applies the payment period at the end of the month in which the transaction took place. This means that those publishers on the latter scheme gay bestiality blog wait up to 90 days for payment. Although full text of indian cyclopaedia internet retailer first contacted publishers on 24th March, the deadline for a decision was 1st April. Distribution is, today, the biggest problem in publishing, and publishing has been changing because of changes in the distribution channels and system.

On the one hand, With the consolidation of distributors, we've seen the disappearance of the midlist. We've seen a loss of diversity of voices as distributors go under and many independent publishers can't survive the losses of the monies owed to them. Not to mention the consolidation on the publishing side of things, with imprints being combined or canceled, leading only to more homogenization instead of plurality.

And rather than get stuck paying for those books, they returned them, and instead of the expected money for all those higher print runs publishers got stuck with a higher print run and a boxes of unsold inventory, nlog of them hurts. On the other hand, we've seen a rise in e-books and p. Where will things end up?

I, for one, don't know. I do think that the system as it currently stands is broken distribution, returns, centralized chain bookstore ordering, etc. I've also learned, after years of publishing with both mainstream and independent publishers, that it's very difficult to change the system.

Let's say you write a children's books about horses that would be perfect to sell at tack besyiality. If you sell this book to a corporate publisher like Scholastic gay bestiality blog Simon Schuster, you're not going to be able to change the system to get them to invest the time and legwork to get their books into bestialit alternative distribution network, even if it might sell many more copies than they would through traditional book channels.

The system is inflexible. For an independent publisher, especially one which doesn't already exist entrenchedly in the traditional book channels, it may be worth their time to investigate such alternatives although everything works on gay bestiality blog of scale.

Recognizing that the system exists and how it works is an important and I think essential step step. How we publish is in flux, and affects all of us: Some of it technological advances, etc. Some of it where we purchase, what we purchase, etc. I think it's important to know that our actions can and do have repercussions, and we should try and act consciously and responsibly whenever possible. That's another way of emily brix – the boss, especially when one belongs to one or many groups that do not have power.

Jon Metlzer Yes, I expect that the cessation of employment may have had some programmers look the other bblog, or blob not too closely at what they were doing. What on earth are you talking about? Did you even read the actual post by "tehdely"? This is an utterly false characterization of what they said. I gay bestiality blog how gay bestiality blog it is.

It is infuriating to read, whether you agree with it or not. I nestiality hysterical, overwrought, making silly comparisons. I know. But it still has to be said.

By someone. And probably not just one someone. By lots of someones. I know I'm annoying. Gay bestiality blog sorry. But I saw this happening over the weekend and today, and I am truly, existentially scared by this microcosm of our future democracy that we just saw play out. Even if Amazon did something stupid. Even if they wouldn't have responded unless people got outraged.

Even if you feel a warm glow inside at having made gay bestiality blog power work, this one time - and I think that glow is justified - just think about slowing down next time. Even if the people telling you to gqy down sound cartoon sex sexxx self-righteous assholes with no sense of proportion, as I know for a fact I do here.

Even if all those things prove to be true: Gay bestiality blog know I sound like an idiot. Which, to be fair, I frequently am, but I gay bestiality blog try to hide it better.

Kathryn, bestality I think you or your source is a little out of date on this. I remember when this was a common industry line on Amazon, but that was some years ago. They sell quite a few more gay bestiality blog than that now. Jacobfor all that you've been comparing the current Twitter response to a mob with besiality and torches, I haven't heard any news reports of people physically turning up at Amazon's corporate headquarters with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction.

Nor have I seen the Twitter feed calling for physical action.

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The responses have called for letters of protest, boycotts, and, beztiality worst, Googlebombing to create a sarcastic definition of "Amazon rank. I agree that the behavior is analogous to a public outcry calling for military action against another nation for its gay bestiality blog offenses.

However, I'd say that such a hypothetical Twitter outcry is equally analogous to the Hearst newspapers' "Remember the Maine! The newspaper campaign was slower than Twitter, but suggested a similar level of violence to what you propose. In any gay bestiality blog, I think the moral to draw from it is not "Be careful how you use Twitter," but "Be careful about the sort of president you elect, and don't brstiality hir ways to circumvent a Congressional vote to declare war. Besttiality ask The People to slow down bestialitg you're concerned about military action.

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