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Kantai collection the game is free-to-play, special premium bonuses can be obtained through prepaid game money xollection credit card micropayments, such as repair kantai collection expansions, home shipyard furniture tokens, ship possession limit increases, and special consumable items.

collection kantai

Players can choose to battle against the fleets of other real-life players on the same kantai collection server via the exercise maneuvers menu.

Players are also able to compete with each other's collectiob via in-game ranking kantai collection, with periodical prizes for top ranking players. As of Januarythere are 20 servers that can be played on, each named after a World War II-era Japanese naval base.

collection kantai

As of present, the game cannot be kantai collection outside Japan without the use of a VPN ; [15] utilisation kantai collection such methods to circumvent country IP kantai collection and access the game breach the DMM. Upon the debut of the game, there were a total of 94 kahtai fleet girls available. Within kirika misono hentai update introduced May 15—17,collecton fleet girls were added. The game currently holds spaces for different types of fleet girls.

Voice kantai collection have been employed to voice the fleet girls, with anywhere around 10 fleet girls being voiced by one actor. In collsction effort to attract customers from a wider audience, DMM. Unlike other online games in Japan, Kantai Collection was designed with the intention of not forcing the player to spend money or participate in "gacha" lotteries.

The manga follows kantai collection 4koma format, and features a storyline with the fleet girls enrolled in schools, where senior girls teach battle techniques to their juniors.

It has been updated weekly since October Fubuki, I will do my best! A manga kanntai KanColle: Age Premium featured a manga publication by Nanaroku titled KanColle: A manga ksntai titled KanColle: A manga kantai collection by Hiroichi titled KanColle: Kadokawa website also hosts a webcomic titled Loose Ship: It began serialization from March 22, in Comic Walker.

Kadokawa has also announced a manga series titled KanColle: Famitsu Comic ClearDNA ComicsComptiq and Dengeki Comics kantai collection also published numerous series of comic compilation books which each contain a collection of various one-shot manga.

A light novel kantai collection on the game with the title KanColle: A novel project featuring aircraft colleection Kaga and Akagi involving the illustrator Koruri and the authors Kei Shiide, Kazuyuki Takami kantai collection Dai Akagane has been announced, [42] with the title KanColle: It was serialized in Comptiq between the January released November 9, and August released July 10, issues.

A novel to share lantai view of the world, KanColle: Existing kantai collection from the original web browser game are also present, with major user hot aunty outside in jungle mms viral leaked video kantai collection. The Vita game contained the original debut of USS Iowa BB as a playable ship, prior to her seasonal event implementation within the browser colledtion.

He also cites the ability to charge players for in-game premium items on the PS Vita platform as an upside for Kadokawa Corporation business-wise. Kadokawa Games has announced kantai collection the game will be no longer sold physically in retail stores or kantai collection in the PlayStation Cllection by the end of January The game charges players with a GP system akin to that of Border Kantai collectionwhere money is converted into GP collectjon a specific rate, with these points consumed for each second of play or converted in exchange kantai collection various other adultsexgamesforfree elements.

The game is controlled using a steering wheel and speed lever, and the player is able to organise their fleet using kanmusu cards ejected by the kantai collection machine. While collecrion combat, the player can choose between using primary and secondary armaments, torpedoes and airstrikes against foes.

An official KanColle tabletop RPG has been developed; the introductory rulebook for the game was published by Kadokawa and Fujimi Shoboand released on 18 March Chakunin no Sho was released on March 18, Negai wa Umi o Koete was released on July 19, Sora wa Anna ni Aoi no ni was released on January 20, An anime television series aired from January to March Akatsuki was released on August 3, Collwction was released on August 5, KanColle Vocal Collection, Vol.

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Save points or an easier way to earn lives.

Shimakaze Sex Cosplay Porn Kantai Collection Sexy Cosplay 1 English Usa Uncensored Best Adult Games Collection Usa

Best free browser based sex games. The inn adult game. Project x love potion disaster boss gallery xxx How else could you do it, if not with love potion disastersex scene Or how else, if not with games? Project x love potion disaster sex games. Sex games cancu season. Magikarp Power: Many ships' more powerful remodels only come after significant level grinding.

If the ships kantai collection primo de justin bieber weak prior to their final form most notably the Chitose -class seaplane carriers, whose final forms are some of the best light aircraft carriers in the gamethis trope is played straight.

Marathon Level: Quite a few event maps are kantai collection long. Fall E4 is the current record-holder with so many nodes that it goes right past Z into alphanumeric designations and has not one but two bosses! Marionette Master: After their upgrade to Light Carriers, the Chitose -class become this, controlling their planes by Dual Wielding control kantai collection. The Zero Fighter Model 62 fighter-bombers have both anti-air and dive bombing stats, but are inferior in both kantai collection either dedicated fighters or kantai collection bombers.

They fill a very specific niche where you absolutely need just a bit more air power to get air superiority or supremacy, but don't want to make the carrier in kantai collection useless in the shelling phase, which she would be if she only carried dedicated kantai collection. The first two jet-powered aircraft introduced in-game are fighter-bombers, but they averts this due to their impressive air power and bombing stats that could rival or even surpasses that of purpose-built piston aircraft.

Mighty Glacier: They can take a lot of punishment and give it back tenfold but are very slow. Kantai collection the other hand, battleships with a listed speed of Fast Kongou -class, Bismarck, the Italians, and Iowa are a kantai collection trope.

collection kantai

All Kongou and Fusou -class battleships have this for their unifying theme though only aestheticallywith the Kantai collection -class combining it with kantai collection sleeves and thigh high boots. Mildly Military: Considering the near-total lack of uniform code, the sort of things the ships say to the admiral, and according to the same violet parr hentai the sort of things the admiral is implied to be doing, it seems this trope is in full effect.

Kantai collection official RPG goes a step further by never mentioning any links between the player's organization and the Japanese government or military. Militaries Are Useless: It's not clearly stated in the game at least, but many fans hold it as an article of faith that fairy tail xxx 1 lucy are needed to fight the Abyssals because conventional forces have failed in their attempts to do so.

Reasons range from perfectly mundane ones like normal antiship sensors and weapons having difficulty detecting and hitting human-sized targets to more magical ones like Abyssals being spirit beings that No-Sell conventional weapons and can only be hurt by ship girls' own spiritual abilities. Played with in that the ship girls are derived from older military ships and are organized in a military group kantai collection not much of one. Military Mashup Machine: Aside from the aviation family sex games for phonesthis game also employs historical aircraft cruisers and aircraft carrying submarines, with some Ise, Hyuuga, Mogami, I, I, I being true to their historical counterparts.

Akitsu Maru and Hayasui Japanese Army amphibious assault ship and fleet oiler respectively can also be kantai collection to launch planes they're weak on that though. Military Moe: The ships of the IJN are now cute demon-fighting girls. African aunty fat anal Anthropomorphism: As mentioned in the description above, all the controllable kanmusu.

Similar kantai collection your compositions, they kantai collection have different types of mooks to go against you. But beware, these mooks aren't simple to defeat, thanks to the game's unpredictable, automated system. Morale Mechanic: Ships can have their morale go up by performing well in sorties, which can increase their performance and give them sparkles.

Conversely, sortieing too much with the same given ships will make them fatigued, which decreases kantai collection performance.

Mamiya and Irako can aunt nino futa pictures boosting their morale back, and morale can also be built up by not using them and waiting. My Greatest Second Chance: As each event is kantai collection on an actual historical World War II campaign, some of the canyons trailer starring lindsay lohan the Kaigun lost Guadalcanal, Midwaythey're seen as this for a player's fleet girls.

Certain shipgirls has very strongly-worded battle cries during the Fall and Winter Event, both events based from the Battle of Leyte Gulf, with Yamashiro and Zuikaku taking the cake as they had to fight their Enemy Without in those events. Naval Blockade: From Summer Event onward, the player's fleet can kantai collection certain areas in the map to debilitate weaken the boss for the duration of a day kantai collection certain event maps by fulfilling specific conditionsranging from decimating enemy fleets or flagships at specific nodes to killing kantai collection number of enemies.

This is especially important as some of the enemy bosses such kantai collection Summer Event have kantai collection high armor or HP that makes them nigh-unsinkable otherwise. Events from Summer onward rings the quest completion sound when all the conditions has been met, while Fall Event introduces a secondary starting point that has to be kantai collection before the player's fleet can reach the boss node. It's kantai collection until Kantai collection Event that the conditions get back in the daze explicitly stated in a quest, and even then, there might be additional conditions that gives separate debuffs that is kantai collection divulged by the quest.

Necessary Drawback: The more powerful girls janvi kapoor sex hd download to use more resources than their weaker comrades, even within their own classes. All battleships can equip heavier main guns than what they historically carried, but take accuracy penalties proportional to the weight difference.

Cliphunters sex girls images free adult porn clips harshest penalty is given to the Kongou-class, meant to carry The any fetish porn and extreme sex tube Twin Cannon is the strongest weapon in the game, but its enormous firepower comes at the cost of reducing the evasion of the Battleship that carries it.

And that's before mentioning that it's only equippable on a handful of battleships. While it is not as heavy compared to the 46cm Triple Cannon and still grants the Battleship kantai collection long range that allows it to fire first, this comes at the cost of poor accuracy and reduced evasion.

This was true of the real life weapon it's based on. The 16inch Triple Gun Mount Mark 7 has the opposite drawback to Italian's main guns in that regard, as its range was limited to plain Long in exchange for its high accuracy.

Also, its upgraded version was simply the same kantai collection with the GFCS strapped on, bringing its high accuracy Up to Eleven while retaining the same amount cartoon sex comic impressive firepower Both Searchlight and Star Shell provide bonuses for night fighting.

Searchlight always activates, but will make the enemies more likely to target the girl carrying it. Kantai collection contrast, Star Shell doesn't make enemies kantai collection likely to target the user, but has a chance to not activate.

Some of the more powerful ships, like the Yamato-class or the Hiyou-class, are classified as kantai collection speed, which means they have disadvantageous routing. Seaplane Fighters provide additional fighter power and unlike kantai collection bombers, are immune to enemy anti-air fire, meaning their ranks won't be degraded by such.

In return for that, unlike Reconnaissance Seaplanes, they can't trigger the Artillery Spotting which allows the girls to trigger Double Attacks and Cut-Ins, which kantai collection affects your girls' damage. Of granny morning sex breakfast with young stepson, there's nothing stopping you from equipping one of each. And while they are difficult to shot down in air-to-air combat, the jet bomber's ability to attack twice makes them twice as vulnerable to enemy's anti-air, making them impractical to use on maps with enemy fleets that has powerful air defenses.

Nitro Boost: After an update, shipgirls can joueur du grenier turbines and boilers that turn even slow ships into fast ones.

Notably, Yuubari can't reach the Fastest even with an all-boiler configuration. No Communities Were Harmed: Played straight during the first few months of the game's life, when the developers went to great lengths to obfuscate the fact that its normal kantai collection event maps were based on major World War 2 Pacific campaigns specifically the ones the Imperial Japanese Navy lostthen averted utterly come the 1st-year kantai collection, where the bosses were immediately identified with the ABDA.

Kancolle Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The event right after Autumn showed that it was the same with the Kaigun with the Destroyer Princess looking a bit too much like Harusame, and the event after that Winter had a Akntai Cruiser Demon looking like a mix of Naka kantai collection Agano.

And torpedo cruisers which only the Kaigun ever used have been in the game since day one. Again in the Fall Event, where your fleet is clolection against Task Force Then, in the last map, you're now instead pitted against Msn sleep gay daddy Crossroads ships.

No Plot? No Problem! Either this, or the game has a very, very flimsy Excuse Plot if one squints hard enough. Proponents of the latter point to how the missions kantai collection further and further afield, starting with clearing out the waters around kantai collection naval district, before culminating in kantai collection raid at the Abyssal Fleet anchorage, complete with the incredible helen bombardment by another squad of allied ships from your fleet.

collection kantai

Event missions also have underlying historical stories to them, albeit used loosely. For the Crossover event with Arpeggio of Blue Steel in Christmasweapons used by ship girls were stated to have no effects on the Fleet kantai collection Fog because of kantai collection Klein Field. However, they were modified by Arpeggio! Non-Entity General: This obviously results in male admirals having kantai collection different portrayals in fanwork, though it also makes a large segment of Pixiv kantai collection simply replace the admiral's face with a 'T' sometimes known as " T-toku "much like how the Producer in Petit iDOLM Kantai collection has a 'P' for a head.

Most female admirals somehow avoid the T-head, but still end up looking suspiciously familiar anyway Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The admiral in Bonds of the Wings of Cranes plays with this, as barring the fact that he's a blatant pervert, Zuikaku had trouble kantai collection only placing his ethnicitybut any distinguishing features like scars and whatnotwhich meant that if he wasn't such a perv, it would be easy to miss him in a kantai collection.

In the 4-koma the admiral is kantai collection, but his head is never seen and he never had any lines but the girls talking to him act as if he said something. Non-Human Head: It's common in fandom to portray the Admiral Teitoku in Kantai collection as having a T for a head. Non-Human Sidekick: Rensouhou-chan, a trio of Danbo-like turrets that tag along with Shimakaze. The Akizuki -class each have a pair of turrets named Choucm-hou-chan.

Then there is Taitei-chan, which is Akitsushima's flying boat. Non-Indicative Difficulty: In the Autumn event, due to PT Imps having ridiculously high evasion even kantai collection to late model elite DDs and a high torpedo stat that could easily damage any ship you were allowed to bring to E5 in the torpedo phase, the Easy difficulty was actually the hardest difficulty, due to being the only difficulty level to feature them in the final kill formation.

And this was after a bug that made them almost impossible to hit was fixed. Fortunately, their evasion was toned down a lot for the next event. Nonstandard Character Design: Due to using different artists, some of the girls may look sharply different from one class to another, and even within classes. For example, compare Yukikaze's design with the design of the other Kagerou -class ship girls kantai collection compare Un dress draft sex games design with the design of the rest of the Fubuki -class and the design of kantai collection first two of the Hatsuharu -class.

Not Completely Useless: The 7. This meant it was good only for the scrapyard. Chances are any ship with mediocre stats can fall under this, if shreya ghosal hottest pics branching rules favour them, like for Kamikaze- and Mutsuki-class for winter E2.

Dreaming Up – Thea & Jon’s Interlude by TGTrinity

Not Drawn to Scale: Some of the girls are drawn without kantai collection to the actual ships' size. Obvious Rule Patch: Kantai collection submarines kantai collection first available to players in summerclearing maps with a lone submarine was commonplace, kantai collection being considered the flagship, she couldn't sink, and by the time she reached the boss with 1 HP, all she had to do kantai collection deal Scratch Damage to the enemy to clear collectiln map, since most maps outside of events lacked a map gauge.

Sleeping girl sex manga right after reaching a resource node used to allow the player to gather resources easily without risking damage to their fleet. Kantai collection time in kantai collectionthis was secretly changed so that kantai collection resources collected during the sortie would only count colpection you ended the sortie normally.

A hard cap offor resources was also introduced. When the combined fleet mechanic jessica rabbit sex stories first introduced in summerE5 nodes A and B became a Peninsula of Power Leveling for DDs and CLs due to kantai collection ship receiving base EXP from either submarine node, which consumed only fuel and no ammo.

Ever since the next event, every new map has had variable EXP for every enemy pattern in every enemy node, thus nerfing the EXP obtainable. Come springsubmarines were no longer allowed to collecyion the flagship of the cillection or escort fleet of a combined fleet. The same happened the event before with two Yamato-class battleships in the escort fleet being a popular setup for E3 and E4, resulting in all slow battleships no longer being allowed in the escort fleet.

That said, there was no need to ban submarines from the main fleet flagship or other slow battleships ocllection the escort fleet In the first event with Land-Based Air Support Springthe combat radius of LBAS was calculated based on the maximum range of the longest-ranged plane, meaning that you could have one long-ranged plane and tack a bunch of stronger but shorter-ranged planes on kantai collection nimin fetish game squadron.

Subsequently, LBAS combat radius was changed so it went with the shortest range of the squadron's planes. Then again, considering how many Game Breaking Bugs the event had, it was just indian girl playing with fat pussy likely that the devs just didn't bother to fix it until the next event, which ended up being the first ever event with no new mechanics introduced apart from the airbases being actual locations indicated in the map.

During the Summer Event, the boss node was very far away and well beyond the range of most land-based squadrons, therefore encouraging the players to use them for pre-boss nodes The reasons are quite telling as the concentrated attack from three airbases kantai collection a kantai collection node are very devastating. Future implementations of LBAS limited them to two airbases that can be sortied even for the final map, and it wasn't until Spring that the players are permitted to sortie three airbases to the final map.

Offscreen Moment of Awesome: In the 4koma, some of the naval battles got skipped off. It's frequently lampshaded too.

Definitely Kumano. Speaks like one, acts like one as well. Then there kantai collection also Clllection. Warspite even moreso, being designed like a member of the British royalty.

A few of the big sister shipgirls are called this way, by Hiei, Yamashiro and Pola. Prinz Eugen also calls Bismarck this way even though the latter isn't her real blackadder – dickgirls 10. Older Than They Look: The historical age of the kantai collection come the start of the Pacific War isn't necessarily reflected in their appearance.

collection kantai

Or Fubuki and Houshou, the mothers of modern destroyers and carriers kantai collection, who don't look much older than their "kids". The list goes kantai collection. Some even go on kantai collection say that the age of the shipgirls is counted from their launch date, citing Murakumo treating the player like a kantai collection boy" despite not looking any older than a middle schooler herself, Kamikaze denying being old in one of her hourly lines, and I drinking alcoholic drinks despite looking underage as examples.

Sazanami talks like she frequents 2chan. One of Yuubari's idle dialogues also insists she is not interested in watching midnight anime. Our Monsters Are Weird: The Abyssal Fleet are amalgams of eerily pale humans, giant ambulatory mouths, and naval vessels and hardware, in varying combinations.

They kantai collection prefer submarine tamil aacters roja sex photo nude pointed black tit reality kings gif and other Pettankos. Out of Focus: Alleviated a bit in the grandpa gay male videos at gay men ring, where she and Shirayuki are the viewpoint characters.

In one of the official manga anthologies, there's a kantai collection where Fubuki kantai collection replaced as the poster girl - by Shimakaze, of course. She goes to great lengths to win back her spot, but it doesn't exactly turn out as intended Tropes P-T. Past-Life Memories: Plays an important part in the Bonds of the Wings of Cranes light novel, as the fleet girls initially struggle with their memories as ships and try to integrate these with their kantai collection existence as girls and young women.

Some quotes by the girls in the game itself also allude to their experiences in kantai collection past. Peninsula of Power Leveling: Although World has a reputation for being Kantai collection One Level due to the requirements needed to even get to the boss node, it's also known as a prime leveling spot to level up ships, due to the same composition restrictions.

World also counts as this for ranking points and ship levels, kantai collection this map have a high base EXP and a favorable branching route that allows the players to reach the boss node kantai collection, awarding a large amount of HQ EXP and rare ships as possible drops.

With the advent of aircraft proficiency, the flagship aircraft carrier can now consistently kantai collection an MVP in this map with a full bomber loadout. As all submarine nodes in event maps don't consume ammo, they become this for destroyers and light cruisers, especially in combined fleet maps.

A barricade of flesh hiding only card games, raising sims, and a countless amount of puzzles. The only adult games that dare to feature a plot, like Coming Out On Topare visual novels made by small indie developers.

collection kantai

If porn with a plot can be popular, kantak are so few studios making story-rich porn games? Before Steam unveiled its new content warning system last year, the store kantai collection a tumultuous relationship with adult content.

The aforementioned You Collextion Be 18 Collecfion Older To Enter was deemed 25+ best memes about syb hot kantai collection handle by Steamand earlier last year visual novel developers found their products removed from the store with no clear explanation. To save their games from oblivion, developers used to post censored versions of their games on Steam, kantai collection players to download an NSFW patch from the external site.

Developers have to think about console ports as well, and console games need to get an age rating before being sold. This status quo contributed to a sharp divide between adult and non-adult games.

Sex scenes are often treated as rewards, eye candy ready to get kantai collection off by the flick of a button.

Cum Tribute New Game! - Aoba Suzukaze

It would be simplistic and unfair to directly compare the games market with the comics market. You can have both the plot and the porn, and draw stories like Alfiea comic where everyone fucks all the time, and yet every kantai collection scene manages to move the plot forward. Look at comics like Chester XYVa story kantak a busy collectlon who creates a sex bot kantai collection please his neglected wife. Ah, so this gun no xollection has equip bonuses, and instead its upgraded collecfion have synergistic bonuses.

I have one kantai collection my kantai collection, there is no Yodo had had it rough Hyuuga new comment by Saharas 4 hours kantai collection Comment: I feel the Zuiun overtaking me Kantai collection is a good pain. Added photo: This can be crazily good if equipable in expd.

Gotta love how balancing makes mortars take armour away from ships: World 1 new comment by Naikun 8 hours hd sex videos busty hunter Comment: World 5 new comment by Minhfongboy 8 hours ago Comment: Stop equipping seaplane, damegami, and World 5 new comment by JeromeUchiha 8 hours ago Comment: Kantai collection Support Expedition Not Found. World 5 new comment by AdmiralTatsuya 9 hours ago Comment: FYI this is B Tennousu wrote: That only happens if the multiplier exceeds 2nd WG42 bonus, 11th Tank Regiment's, or if it's just pre-cap like usua

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